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Mi Perfil
Name and surname: Carlos Francisco YAMETTI
Birth date: June 15, 1951
City and country: Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina

My first contact with football was in the year 1964 at the age of thirteen. Every Monday morning my schoolmates spent a lot of time talking about football matches during breaks which had been played on Sunday. At that time, the team that had more followers was Independiente which, after an excellent campaign had won the Copa Libertadores de América and, furthermore, by a very scarce margin, it had lost the opportunity to become the World Champion against the powerful Inter from Italy. At a time whereby rivalry among teams of a country was not so strong so as to long for the defeat of the opponent from abroad, the honours achieved by the entity from Avellaneda FOR THE COUNTRY and its mystic of high arms, could not bring upon many followers than it already had, above all in the “purreteada” which began to appear before football. For these reasons, and not to be less than my schoolmates, one Sunday I decided to put on the radio to follow the matches; if possible, I tried to find a radio station which transmitted Independiente. The chosen day was November 15, for my surprise in almost all radio stations the match that was being transmitted was Boca Juniors-Independiente, which, as I could understand, it was a definite match for the definition of the tournament of that year since there were four matches to be played, Boca had 37 points, it was the leader and Independiente followed it with 35 points. In an intensive disputed match, the radio exploded when at the 24 minutes of the second half the left wing, Eugenio Callá, scored a goal thus giving Boca the adjusted and vital victory (two matches later it became champion). With the impression of a thirteen year old boy, at that moment I quickly took my first decision in connection with football: as from that time onwards the team to follow would be Boca Juniors, the “xeneixes” from La Boca.

After that time, my father, when he realized that I liked football, he took me to see a match where his cousin played, the team was Almagro and the relative in question was Pedro De Ciancio. It was an enormous impact when I could see the match “alive” with the surprise that one of the players with his shoe full of mud, transpired shirt ran to the stand to greet us. On Monday I told my fellows of my peripeteia during the weekend, and, to my surprise, I quickly took the attention of them: Who played for Almagro?, How was the table?, The outcome of the Boca and River match? The answer, to my ignorance on the subject, came from one of the boys, fan of Nueva Chicago: “Almagro is with us in 1a B and never played with Boca nor River” (then I found out that this was not true). A new impact: Almagro was a humble team from the neighbourhood! This team had to make an enormous effort if it wanted to become part of A division! And I could be fan of Almagro without discussing with fans of Boca, River, Independiente and others! The second decision was taken: follower of Boca but fan of Almagro.

Anyway all questions from my schoolmates remained unanswered and it was necessary to answer them. Newspapers partially satisfied the needs partially (players, position in the table); but there were no other additional interests, the ones which referred to previous campaigns. Again, my father came into scene who explained me that those answers could be answered by reading old newspapers and the place where I could find them was the library. Then, after some inquiries, my steps led me to the Biblioteca Nacional (National Library) (accompanied by my father due to fact that I was underage) where I could find on those shelves newspapers from the previous year with the campaign of my favourite team. But I also found that there were many big volumes where I could find data from older campaigns! Actually, there were so many volumes that I could know the results of Almagro as from its foundation date, and if I proposed myself, the results of ALL teams at least from 1903 onwards! (later I was informed that in the deposit there were newspapers prior to 1903). The only thing I needed was a pen, a notebook and free time. May be at that time I did not know it but I had taken a third decision: to obtain all history of Argentine football. From that time libraries became a new home.

The forth decision emerged naturally with time: not only the history of Argentine football had to be obtained but it also had to be published.

Works on sports journalism:

Author of:

LA AVENTURA DEL FUTBOL (THE ADVENTURE OF FOOTBALL): there are fascicles on World Cup and Copa Libertadores de America. These were edited in a total of 18 fascicles from May to August 1986.

EL ARCHIVO DEL FUTBOL (FOOTBALL FILES): these are also fascicles and as a continuation of the previous work. This included several chapters such as: Argentine football of 1st, 2nd and 3rd Divisions from 1903 to 1907. Football from other parts of Argentina, National Team 1901/1920, Copa America, etc. Forty four fascicles were edited from March 1987.

FUTBOL EN AMERICA (FOOTBALL IN AMERICA): this is a monthly bulletin with news from the whole Continent. Thirteen bulletins from May 1994 to May 1995.

ARGENTINE FOOTBALL 1891/1995: this is a compilation of results published by Hearth Books Publishing House from Belgium in 1995.

AMERICA GOAL: Monthly magazines with the complete information of football from the CONMEBOL and from various countries from the CONCACAF. Four copies were published from July to December 1997.

There are also interviews on Ibarguren, Reyna and Rosario Cups published by the IFFHS.

BOOK ON D DIVISION 1950/2007: The history of this division in the indicated period. November 1997.

SINTESIS Series: these are booklets with statistical data on several tournaments. It starts in September 2008.


Co-author of:

NORTH & LATIN AMERICAN FOOTBALL GUIDE: 1996/1997, 1997/1998 AND 1998/1999 Editions published by Hearths Books from Belgium.

CILE 1. 1933/2000 DIVISION: Published by Geo Edizione from Italy.



DEFENSORES DE BELGRANO – LIBRO DE ORO 80 ANIVERSARIO (Defensores de Belgrano, Goleen Book – 80th Anniversary): published by Gráfica Lanús, 1986.

LOS GRANDES DEL FUTBOL: fifteen fascicles published by Tango Publishing House, 1992.

HISTORIA DEL FOOTBALL AMATEUR EN LA ARGENTINA (History of Amateur Football in Argentina): Historiales Publishing House, 1992.

GOL AMERICA: Version published in Europe by Hearth Books from Belgium between October 1995 and May 1996.

ALMANAQUE DO FUTEBOL BRASILERO: Escala Publishing House, 1998.

NORTH & LATIN AMERICAN FOOTBALL GUIDE: 1994/1995 and 1995/1996 editions.

HISTORIA DE UNA PASION – DEFENSORES DE BELGRANO (History of a Passion – Defensores de Belgrano): El Dorado Producciones, 1997.

MORON, EL GRITO NUESTRO DE CADA SABADO (Moron, The Cry of Every Saturday): Artes Graficas Zamphiropolis, July 2000.

LOS ANDES – MIL HISTORIA MILRAYITAS: (Volumes I and II). Noticias de Lomas de Zamora, 2002 and 2007.


ANUARIOS CIHF 2002/2003, 2003/2004, 2004/2005 (CIHF Yearbooks 2002/2003, 2003/2004, 2004/2005) CIHF. Mentioned years.

PLANET FOOTBALL Magazines: several editions.

HISTORIAS SUDAMERICANAS EN LA COPA DEL MUNDO (South American Histories in World Cups): CONMEBOL (Harold Mayne-Nicholls). April 2006.

ESPAÑOL – MEDIO SIGLO DE FUTBOL 1956/2006 (Español – Half Century of Football 1956/2006): El Escriba Editions. October, 2007.

100 AÑOS DE FUTBOL OLIMPICO (100 Years of Olympic Football): Abey Editions. August, 2008.


Besides, there are contributions in several magazines, such as:

SOLO FUTBOL (Argentina)
WORLD SOCCER (United Kingdom)
THE FOOTBALLER (United Kingdom)
Monthly magazines from the IFFHS
Bulletins of the World Association Soccer Statisticians



Mr. Yametti is founder and President of CIHF (Center for the Investigation of the History of Football), this center aims at gathering people dedicated to history and statistics of football and its dissemination. As it happened to the City of Buenos Aires, this Center had two foundations: one in 1989 as a group of friends with the same interests and the second foundation in November 2002, as a group of friends with the same interests organized as a Civil Association.

Co-founder of the AACD (Argentine Association of Sports Collectors)

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